A knock out drawer is an essential ancillary product for me to stock. As an ancillary it needs to be simple, well built and well priced. Watermark drawers are just that: Solid construction and indestructible, flexibility of size, coffee slots in top; tey are bombproof which gives me peace of mind! Once sold I never hear about them again. We are always massively impressed with consistency of product, speed of delivery and communication from Watermark.

We found the drawer to be top quality and have never had a single customer complain about them. The look of them, they are simple yet very pleasing on the eye. If you want hassle free transactions and quality end results Watermark Engineering is the place to go.

We've changed knock drawers quite a few times over the years, we were a quality well built product that would last. We found it in the drawers that Watermark produce and are very happy with them; nothing has come close to rival it. The rubber gasket and new knock bar reduce noise levels. Watermark is a very reliable company who will go the extra mile if it's an emergency.

We have a very good relationship with The Coffee Knock Drawer Company. High quality products, good customer service and always present for improving our businesses.

One of the best coffee knock drawer manufacturers in the world. The Coffee Knock Drawer Company specialise in high-quality coffee knock drawers. The build quality is second to none and combined with an elegant design make these of the best in the world in our opinion. With riveted panels, knock bar brackets to stop the bar from falling out, and virtually unbreakable knock bars make this brand of the best available today. Made in Dublin Ireland

With a fast order turn around on orders, keenly priced and being very pleasant to deal with, our association with Watermark Engineering is extremely valued.

Very well made, durable, and beautiful to look at product. Excellent material selection, never had an issue. Emails answered when needed - updated on a regular basis. Very consistent and dependable lead time. Excellent quality product and would highly recommend.

Knock Drawer Products are very well made in Dublin and working well for hundreds of customer of ours.

Good products, good support!

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