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Our Story

In 1989 Maureen and Terry decided to start their small business. At the time Ireland was emerging from 10 years of immigration and recession and deciding to start a new business with two small children to be looked after might have seemed like madness. But then, so did the idea of building water boilers and coffee machines but that didn’t stop Terry and his father from starting what has now become the very successful Marco Beverage Systems.

Originally they began by offering repair and maintenance services to the commercial catering industry but their true passion lay in precision engineering. Soon they began to move in that direction and found that their passion was satisfied by becoming specialists in the fabrication of stainless steel sheet products.

Soon they diversified into the espresso coffee machine business and were for many years main agents for Gaggia espresso machines leading the market in the newly discovered passion for good coffee until they sold that part of the business in 2007. During that time they became lovers of coffee.

The synergy of coffee and engineering was a natural progression for them during their time as agents for Gaggia and they discovered a niche market for their range of coffee knockout drawers. This has become so important to them that they have established it as a stand-alone division within Watermark which represents 90% of their total business.

They continue to invest in new products and innovative ideas as the coffee market continues to expand at a phenomenal rate.

Our Team

Terry Coughlan

Managing Director/ Co-Founder

Maureen Coughlan

CFO/ Co-Founder

Amy Higgins

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Our History


Co-founder of Marco Water Boilers.


Watermark Engineering Founded.


Moved into Blackrock Factory.


First Knockbox designed for the Globe Bar.


Secured the agency for Gaggia coffee machines.


Coffee Machine business moved to new premises.


Engineering Business moved to new premises.


Coffee machine business sold.


Groundskeeper model introduced.


Worst Recession in living memory.


Keeping the head down.


New models of drawers introduced.


New brand launched!

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